Hannah’s Room COMPLETE

Hannah’s room is COMPLETE!! Here’s a look at the pictures before I changed it. It was a mess and nothing was working….green walls, purple decor, disorganized, etc.

Black dresser from our old guest room (was my mom’s and then mine).

This picture was my inspiration for the room. 
Here’s what I did….
painted the dresser brown…
Pink curtain
Pink wall with bedding
Made this frame to hold her hair clips
Made the rosettes
Can’t wait to put pictures in those frames of Hannah!

Love the cream walls and one pink wall.
Used pearls to hold curtain
Yarn wrapped letters I made with rosettes
Yarn wrapped frame with Hannah’s middle name hanging in it.
I love the way this looks now

Here’s a snapshot of the whole room. It looks bigger with all the light walls. I just love it.  The pictures don’t do it justice!!!

Hope you enjoyed Hannah’s room revealed! I think I will do another post of how much it cost me to put the room together and what all the frames and shelves looked like before I added my special touch to them šŸ™‚ I got some GREAT deals for this room!!! As you saw with Abby’s room, you can decorate a room for next to nothing…you just have to get your creative juices flowing and your eyes open for deals!!

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