Gracie Lou Cupcakes

As most have probably seen, I’ve embarked on a fun journey with creating Paleo cupcakes! Since diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Hashimotos, I’ve been on a mission to find recipes for my favorite foods. Cupcakes is my favorite dessert….so that was a must. Well, I’ve got some great recipes and I don’t know ANYWHERE that sells Paleo cupcakes in the Michiana area but with all the people in need of gluten-free (GF) foods, I want to make these available. You can buy GF prepared and box mixes of cupcakes but that doesn’t mean they are healthy or approved. Most are still filled with processed GF starchy flours, use chemicals, refined sugar, and dairy.

GracieLou’s cupcakes have no refined sugar, use organic ingredients, auto-immune and Paleo approved flours, plus handmade and local ingredients when possible (such as vanilla and honey).

Our flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. I’m excited to add in new seasonal flavors here and there when we come up with something tasty.

How’d I choose the name? Gracie comes from my daughter, Hannah’s middle name, Grace. Lou comes from my daughter Abigail’s middle name, Louise. This business is with them and for them. I’m so excited to teach them how to run a business, continue helping them learn baking skills, how to handle money, and a host of other things!

We are also embarking on a journey of learning how to be more generous. Dave Ramsey talks about generosity like a muscle. You have to strengthen it and exercise it just like learning how to budget, save and have discipline with your money. I honestly struggle in this area of a generous spirit. I’m a natural saver, it’s my default to be frugal, and to stress about money even when I don’t need to. But God thankfully does not leave us to our own devices and has been working on me in this area as my husband and I near the end of paying off our debts. We are SO EXCITED to be in a position for really having the freedom to give with outrageous generosity. So with this business, we are going to start exercising that muscle and see where God leads with giving of our profits. Please follow us on Instagram as GracieLoucc. We have a couple orders for this week and I’ll be posting about them! The beginnings of a website has also emerged as  Thank you all for your support and share for whoever may need this in their life because there are so many with restricted diets.

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