Abigail Louise’s Room

Door plaque that Kyle had his cousin Angie make!

Dresser and fun stuff…there will be a picture frame with a poem of “Daddy” in it to the right of the butterfly on the wall but we need her to come out first to take a pic of her and Kyle together 🙂
Her butterfly crib! Don’t worry the stuffed animals won’t stay!
Verse I painted on the wall!
Nursing/rocking, reading nook…this is my favorite part of the room…I know we’ll spend a lot of time here 🙂
Another pic with widened angle…

So I’m getting pretty pumped about Abigail coming. I told Kyle yesterday that I feel like I’m just waiting now…waiting for her to come and waiting to be a mommy. I am very excited and she is going to be a very loved little girl 🙂

Here are pics of her room…almost complete! Just a couple things needed and pics to go in frames!

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