What’s for Dinner tonight (and dessert)?

Have you ever baked/cooked a lot in a day and wanted to share the excitement with others?? You wish you would have made it a dinner party…that’s how I feel! I have a lot of food leftover. Hehe. Ok, to the point…what I made!
Grilled Chicken
Pesto Poppers-thank you, Steph Ebright
Pasta Salad…my hubby likes it a lot 🙂
Here are the pesto poppers. I made biscuit dough then put pesto and mozzarella cheese inside and closed it up. Here’s a picture below…one is the biscuit dough, then cheese, then cheese and pesto, then closed up. Bake about 20 minutes and yummy! Not exactly low fat but you gotta have fun sometimes!

I also made cupcakes….wow. Thanks again, Steph Ebright! These are Martha Stewart’s recipe, Billys Cupcakes. I made a strawberry filling for inside them instead of cherry. I may have used too much corn starch but oh well. They still taste great! Here’s a picture…then I frosted them (which no picture of right now). I love cupcakes. They are my downfall. 🙂

So we have a lot of leftover food and cupcakes that have not been eaten yet. So people are welcome to come over and eat! lol. I always love sharing my food with the Johnson family for some reason….they always love my food. And I like that 🙂 It’s a little different with my family cause my mom is the “ultimate cook.” So it’s nice to have other people rave over it 😉
So there it is…hope you enjoyed!

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