Creating Hannah’s room

Here’s my finds for the walls in Hannah’s room. Can you believe these frames and shelves are in the room?? I spent $7 on all this at Goodwill. 1/2 off Saturdays are great!
See the picture at the bottom of the pic above? Well I just used the frame and threw away the plastic front and picture in the frame. Amazing what paint and pearls does! 

Old Shelf
….painted brown
Cardboard letters I made. I got the letters from Hobby Lobby on sale.
Look at these “lovely” pictures
I ripped it out and started on wrapping with yarn.

A little time consuming but I covered with yarn and made the rosettes. I used my Crickett machine for the letters
This frame was just painted with the brown paint. Soon there’ll be a picture of Hannah in it!

Large rosette I made
Small rosettes I made and cute pink picture frame
What I spent on the room…
$30 NEVER USED bedding and lamp (but my mom did purchase for me..aren’t moms great?!)
$22 pink paint
$0 brown paint (leftover from brother/sis in law)
$7 frames and shelves
$4 fabric to make rosettes 
$12 small can paint for cream colored walls
$12 pink curtain
$6 curtain rod
$5 yarn
$3 new picture frame
$0 pearls (already had)
$10 cardboard letters 
=$111 on entire room makeover! (I paid $79 though with my mom’s gift)….ummm quite amazing! I did it over the course of about 3 months. So once you get your vision, it’s easy to keep your eye open for things you can transform. Just give yourself time and it’s possible to change a room with little money.

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