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So I think I’ve decided to start a new “tab” on my blog called “Inspiration.” Maybe “Women of Inspiration.” I’d like your thoughts on that! Anyways, I feel like I know a ton of women that are reaching their goals and it’s so exciting that I want to motivate others with the progress and give encouragement to those who are working hard. So if you are reading this and you are reaching your goals, whether it’s 10 pounds, 100 pounds, walking to running, whatever! Let me know and I will do a post on your accomplishments!!

Today’s inspiration is a friend I’ve actually known my whole life. Her name is Amanda and she has a blog herself that is about raising her Autistic son. She is someone I have always looked up to and has been through a lot of things…..now another being losing weight!

Amanda has had 2 pregnancies, both boys, and carried extra weight. She finally made the change to lose it and look at her now!



Look at this woman!!! Amanda started at 176 pounds and is now at 117 pounds. Her BMI started at 31 and now it is 19.9. Her body fat is down to 15.2% (which is definitely the lowest it should be and remember everyone has different body types but typically BF for women should be above 16%) because she is rocking those weights! Her weight loss journey began only 9 MONTHS ago!

She started slow with walking because she did no exercise. Cutting out sugar and getting her portions under control was a huge priority right out of the gate. Instead of eating a huge bowl of ice cream she would have a spoonful. A small brownie instead of a row of brownies. 

Amanda has now worked her way up to 5 days a week with exercising (Mon-Fri) and takes the weekends off. She runs all 5 days with 2 days being less running and lifting weights for different muscle groups. The other 3 days she runs 2-3 miles with 30 minutes of core work. 

Tips about Amanda

#1 Her mantra, “I like compliments more than calories”

#2 She slowly made changes to see lasting results with exercise and made it a habit

#3 If you saw the post on Jena, Amanda also does an extra 30 minutes of ab/core work 3 days a week
#4 Eating fresh fruit and vegetables is also a big thing she does. Keeping junk out of the house and lean proteins is a must for her regular diet now. 
What an amazing woman who is reaching her goals! Way to go Amanda!


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